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Joint Venture
GSVC has developed fuel economizer for Sponge Iron Industries. It is unique & first of its kind in India. It has increased the production capacity by 20% min. & also saved the consumption of coal.

The technology called "AAG –The Fuel Economizer (Optimized Sponge Iron Making process)" has been developed & presented by Group of companies in various Iron & Steel Summit and International Business Conference.

Detailed articles on above technology have already been published in different International magazines like Steel Hub, Steel Line etc.
  • GSVC has Developed Coal drier, which increased the Efficiency of steel plants.
  • GSVC has developed turbo blower for Cryogenic condition.
  • GSVC has developed 4 & 5 stages of Turbo rotors for mega steel plant.
  • GSVC is keenly studies to implement house to house Solar Power Plant in a affordable cost.
  • Energy conservation scheme is under vigorous study for Sponge Iron & Cement Plant.