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Training & Education Program
Golden Star Ventures Company (GSVC) research team undertakes a range of content development and dissemination initiatives to inform and develop the research agenda. This includes:
  • Delivering short lectures within organization.
  • Industry and government; facilitating workshops.
  • Design development, strategic planning sessions and delivering conference presentations.
GSVC, goal is to design a program that covers exactly what you want your employees to learn; so, we work closely with you to assess your needs, identify training topics and content, and determine the most effective training delivery methods.

From lectures to lab sessions to video workshops, we can provide a custom mix of topics and approaches at your site, a convenient off-site location.

And whether we're training a group as small as four people or a much larger one, we're committed to providing alternatives that fit your objectives and your budget.

Our training philosophy:

Save time and money
With GSVC Special designed programs, you can train more of your people for less by eliminating travel expenses, reducing costs-per-student, and minimizing the time employees spend away from the job.

Maintain confidentiality and promote teamwork
Customized training gives your employees the opportunity to discuss sensitive company issues without being concerned about divulging information inappropriately.

In addition, when employees train with their colleagues, it encourages an atmosphere of idea sharing and support that carries over into the workplace.

GSVC education and training professionals bring years of experience in the cement, concrete, steel, power and manufacturing & construction industries to each training program we develop.

And we can draw from an extensive range of GSVC resources to create hands-on lab sessions, video workshops, self-teaching modules, and team-based learning.

Topics that have been customized for clients include:
  • Management training.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Fundamental technology.
  • Environmental engineering.
  • Cement manufacturing.
  • Integrated steel manufacturing.
  • All Iron & Steel, sponge Iron, Power related industries.
Get the results you want!!! At GSVC, we have the expertise and experience to develop customized training programs that deliver the results you seek.